Neverwinter Nights 2 Giant Centipede Model.

July 31st, 2008

I recently started work on a Giant Centipede model for Neverwinter Nights two. This is a first for me, because I have never created anything for the Neverwinter Nights two game. It is totally different to NWN1 model creation. I dabbled in skinmeshes already, so at least that will make things slightly easier.

The going has been slow, as this is my first NWN2 creature to create. I’m a low level lover, so I always appreciate 1-4 level monsters. So, with that in mind I decided to create a Giant Centipede from scratch. So far I have completed the head shape and various body parts.I have not even started on the skin yet! But I am hoping to have this creature completed by the end of August.


Here is the complete Centipede I completed today. I gave it a standard pause animation just to showcase it. I made it as a segmented model first. I now have to combine the body parts and create bones and a skin. This texture will not be used, as I intend to create one especially in Photoshop once the skin is complete.

The Demonfiend Pact (a PNP custom content module for Neverwinter Nights)

July 27th, 2008

I started work last week on my latest Neverwinter Nights module project. In my absence from the NWN community over the past two years, I have taken the time to learn NWN scripting a bit better. I was seriously rusty with 3DSMAX and needed over a week’s hard work to re-learn lots of the 3D modelling tips I had forgotten. I spent the first week designing the module in the NWN Toolset. It is a PNP conversion of a rather nice module by Goodman Games, in their Dungeon Crawl Classic range. The Demonfiend Pact. I chose this module because I really like the story, there is a free downloadable suppliment fleshing the Town of Welwyn on Goodman’s site, and it requires a shed load of custom content. Content that I will be creating over the next few weeks.

Here are a few models that I have created already

My Dwarven Zombie model.

My Dwarven Zombie model. Shown with a standard NWN human zombie to show size scale.

The module also calls for a Trap door Spider, Were Badger  and Fiendish Pseudodragon. Quite a few standard creatures need to be scaled up, because the characters end up shrunk! And then need to interact and survive in a giant scaled enviroment. Lots of large scale placeables need to be created too.

Blackspine the fiendish Pseudodragon. I made him by re-skinning the standard NWN Wyvern. A quick and easy solution. Blackspine is one of the modules chief villans. Pseudodragon’s are usually verry small, and Blackspine is no exception, except when they meet him they will be in diminutive form, from drinking shrinking potions. He will appear dragon sized and deadly!

Trapdoor Spider created using the standard NWN Dire Spider, and utilizing custom animations. I also fabricated the covered lair the Trapdoor spider hides in awaiting prey. I also created a script to test if you can sneak past the spiders pit. If you fail? Well check out poor hapless Atom the Axe! I was going to create a new spider from sratch for this, but decided for the quicker option. I may very well come back to it later.

Today I am working on the Were-Badger model. I should (hopefully) have some pictures to post later today.

A Fiendish Dire Rat created from the standard NWN Dire Rat with a reworked/rescaled Were Rat head and a reskin. I needed more detail on the Giant Rats as my module calls for much larger versions. This is the standard Dire Rat sized, I had to change some model animations to suit the new head. The scaled up version will need new combat animations.

And my Were Badger model. I made these reasonably small, as they are not a large creature in hybrid form. Surprisingly it was this model that gave me the most grief. I had to spend two days getting the animations working correctly. I’m happy enough with the results now.

 Here is the Were-Badger in the toolset viewer window. The other shot is in game.

Models still required.

Water Snake. A standard snake model with new animations should suffice.

Giant Cave Trout. Not the sort of creature on everybodys shopping list! I will fabricate this from scratch if need be.

Choker. Another creature I will have to completely build from scratch.

Giant sized Animated Skeletons. With new animations too. Should be able to convert a standard NWN skelly.

Giant sized Goblin Assassin and Evil Human Cleric. Simple tweak, and scale up job.(hopefully)

And that will be it, on the custom creature front. I will try and post some more today.

Here is my version of the original PNP cover. It depicts Blackspine with his treasure being confronted by a party of adventurers. Note the large treasure, equiptment and bones. I had to use some tricky scripting to pull off this encounter with the Fiendish Pseudodragon.

Another view of  Blackspine’s horde. This time from above. Treasure and gold are quite heavy and large when you are shrunk to two foot in height (and that’s the human characters!). I had to script weight increases  into every item possessable. The module had rules for shrunken characters, some of which would not have been well implemented in NWN. However I came up with my own system for handling things, which works fine.

Dead giant Rat. My Fiendish Giant Rat model had to be scaled right up for this adventure. Along with large placeables to set the mood, I wanted to portray to the player the fact that they are shrunken and tiny.

 The great old NWN custom Giant Ant model got a simple scale-up for this module too. Notice another large” bones” placeable. Run! Atom…Run!

 I used Hellfire’s brilliant caves tileset in my module. It’s the one with the ceilings, I retextured it in places, and added lots more stalactites, stalagmites and rock column’s. Its now pretty good, even if I do say so myself. I had to create  a chasm because the tileset did not have one (nor does the original NWN caves tileset). I also created a placeable rope and post to climb across the yawning chasm.

Subterranean river crossing with stepping stones.

Its not that the Badger family are huge! Rather, its the player that is extremely small. If you survive your shrunken excursion into the Rat warrens, you will have done well!

This cavern is the finale of the shrunken area of the module. It is filled with custom placeables and creatures. Players have to transition here to the normal sized enviroment. This meant the area had to be reproduced in two sizes, complete with all room contents. Logistically challenging.

 The hidden shrine of Crypticus (God of Secrets). This is one of the final reduced areas of the module. It contains many new custom placeables and creatures. It  is also the transition area from small size to normal scale for the players. So two scaled versions of the area and contents needed to be created. Logistically taxing to complete. The complete custom content itenerary for the module is now finished. All that is left is a bit of polishing and testing.

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May 7th, 2008


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